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Yoko Yamanishi


Electrically-induced Bubbles for Bio-medical applications


Yoko Yamanishi


Kyushu University


Prof. Yoko Yamanishi is now a professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kyushu University. She has received the Ph.D. degree from Imperial College London in 2003. She has joined dept. of mechanical engineering of Shibaura Institute of Technology in 2004-2005 as a lecturer. Then, she became a postdoctoral fellow of Dept. of Bioengineering and Robotics, Tohoku University in 2006 and Assistant Professor in 2008-2009. She became Associate Professor of Dept. of Mechanical Science & Engineering is of Nagoya University 2010-2012 and also a member of PRESTO, JST during 2010-2016. After she became Associate Professor of Shibaura Institute of Technology during 2013-2015, she move to Kyushu University on April, 2016 and she became Professor of department of Mechanical Engineering, Kyushu University and leading biomedical fluid engineering laboratory. She is a member of IEEE, JSME, RSJ and so on.Her research field is micro/nano-scale engineering and electrically induced fluid engineering and its application for bio-medical field.


The presentation is about our developed electrically-induced bubble knife and its wide bio-medical applications. The novelties are that simultaneous local reagent injection and pore formation to the materials of variety of hardness using physical stimulation and chemical reaction of air-liquid interface of electrically-induced bubbles.

Cavitation and plasma discharge were generated by pulse discharge of microelectrode having special tip structure. Injection to soft material such as biological cells and tissues were performed only by cavitation of bubbles. On the other hand, the pore formation of hard materials such as plants and metals were achieved by synergistic effect of collapse of bubble and plasma ablation. The novelty of the technique enhanced to process not only conductive material but also non-conductive material such as polymer, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) and biological materials, which is unlike conventional wire electric discharge machine. Also, the directional transportation of bubbles provides positioning accuracy of micro-processing.

Moreover, in this talk we introduce a metallization method which does not need a complicated process such as surface treatment. This simultaneous etching and deposition methods provide novel printing method on wide range of materials. These technologies are emerging to biomedical applications and innovations.