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Sep 20, 2022
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Xin Du


Smart Cell Scaffold with Photo-adjustable and Monitorable Physical and Chemical Properties


Xin Du


School of Medicine,Southeast University


杜鑫,东南大学医学院副研究员,江苏省优青。2007年本科毕业于西南交通大学材料学院,2011年硕士毕业于四川大学高分子学院,2015年博士毕业于海德堡大学物理化学系。主要研究智能表面、材料的构建技术及其在生物医学工程中的应用。在Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Materials Horizons, Small等国际期刊上发表研究论文20余篇,主持参与多项基金委、科技部和江苏省科技厅项目。


Endowing cell scaffolds with heterogeneity and dynamicity has been recognized as the key element for the next generation of bio-mimic scaffolds for cell culture. In nature, cells in tissues and organs are embedded within the extracellular matrix (ECM), a heterogeneous and dynamic assembly of biochemical and biophysical cues that affect cellular organization and function. Recapitulating these heterogeneity and dynamicity in artificial cell culture systems helps to control the cell behaviors spatiotemporally, which is highly valuable for fundamental cell biology studies, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and drug development, etc. However, in-situ changing and tracking the mechanical and chemical change of the cell scaffolds are still challenging. To solve this problem, we developed a method to adjust and investigate the physical and chemical properties of the cell scaffold by light. This is achieved by combining normal scaffold materials with dynamic photo-chemistries and self-reporting strategies. By this method we can spatiotemporally control the surface chemistry, stiffness or morphology of a cell scaffold and in-situ monitor their changes in a sealed incubation system (such as microfluidic devices).