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3D打印仿生生物材料 3D Printing of Biomimetic Biomaterials






吴成铁,现任中国科学院上海硅酸盐研究所副所长、研究员、博士生导师。获得中组部万人计划领军人才、国家高层次人才(青年类)等。主要从事生物医用材料的研究,主持承担科技部十三五重点研发计划、十二五863计划、国家自然基金委重点等项目。目前任学术期刊“Applied  Materials Today”副主编,Acta Biomaterialia编委。在Materials TodayAdvanced Materials, Science Advance等期刊发表论文230余篇, 连续6年入选Elsevier评选2015~2020中国高被引用学者榜单,H指数70。共申请专利42项,获18项中国专利及2项美国专利授权,其中12项专利技术已获公司转让。荣获中国生物材料学会优秀青年科学家奖、英国皇家化学会JMC- Lectureship奖、中国硅酸盐学会青年科技奖、中国生物材料学会科技一等奖、江苏省科技二等奖等荣誉。


For therapy and regeneration of bone defects resulting from malignant bone disease, it is of great importance to develop multifunctional biomaterials for bone therapy and regeneration. Conventional biomaterials always lack multifunctional properties, limiting their application for treating and repairing bone disease (e.g. bone tumors)-initiated defects. How to design and prepare bioscaffolds with favorable microenvironments for disease therapy and tissue regeneration is one of interesting topics in the fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering. We developed several strategies, including harnessing nutrient elements, biomimetic structure and functional interface as well as thermo-therapy to construct multifunctional scaffolds by 3D-Pringting method for therapy and regeneration of bone tissues. It is interesting to find that both nutrient elements and biomimetic structure of the printed bioscaffolds have important effect on the stimulation of osteogenesis and angiogenesis of stem cells, and thermotherapy plays an important role to treating bone tumors. Therefore, we put forward new concept that 3D-Printed bioscaffolds combined bone therapy and regeneration could be a new direction of bone tissue engineering.