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March, 2022
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Stimuli-responsive biomaterials for immunomodulation and tissue regeneration






陈鑫,西安交通大学化工学院教授,西安交通大学第二附属医院特聘教授,第四军医大学特聘教授,四川轻化工大学特聘教授,博士生导师。入选国家级高层次青年人才,陕西省百人计划学者,陕西省优秀留学归国人员,英国皇家化学会2020新锐科学家,西安交通大学A类青年拔尖人才,全国组织工程与再生医学专委会委员,口腔生物医学专委会委员,纳米肿瘤学专委会青年委员,“长江学者奖励计划评审专家,科技部重点项目会评专家2010年毕业于中国科学技术大学,2013年于澳大利亚新南威尔士大学取得博士学位,随后赴美国密歇根大学工作学习,2015年归国。主要从事智能医用材料的构筑、功能化和性能调控等领域的研究,致力于相关材料在组织再生(智能支架材料)及疾病治疗(药物/基因载体)等方面的应用。先后主持国家自然科学基金、省部级自然科学基金等10余项。作为第一及通讯作者在Nature Biomedical Engineering, Science Translational Medicine, Science Advances, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Biomaterials等国际知名学术期刊上发表科研论文70余篇,受邀撰写学术专著3章,申请/授权国家发明专利15项。目前担任学术期刊Chinese Chemical Letters、Pharmaceutics、Nano Biomedicine and EngineeringSCI期刊编委。


Inflammatory diseases including encephalomyelitis, paradentitis and enteritis would present sustained inflammation challenge leads to irreversible tissue damage. Conventional tissue engineering only focused on the tissue regeneration using growth factors, and therefore produce weak therapeutic effect due to the uncontrolled inflammatory responses. Immune cells such as regulatory T cells (Treg) and macrophage play important roles both in microenvironment modulation for tissue regeneration and in immune response for inflammatory inhibition, which open a door to control inflammation meanwhile to promote the restoration of damaged tissues. However, there are currently few options available to locally manipulate Tregs and macrophage. This lecture will present a series stimuli-responsive biomaterials developed by Prof. Chen’s group, which are able to effective manipulate the behavior of above immune cells as needed, resulting in on-demand inflammatory regulation and promoted tissue regeneration.

Scheme. Schematic illustration of the therapeutic process based on stimuli-responsive biomaterials using paradentitis as a model disease