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Peng Gao


Surface morphology generation mechanism of cortical bone tissue longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic vibration micro-milling


Peng Gao


Beijing University of Technology


Peng Gao, Lecturer, Faculty of Materials and Manufacturing, Beijing University of Technology. Dr. Gao graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology and get an engineering doctor’s degree. Since September 2020, he has worked in Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Beijing University of technology. His research interests design and fabrication of micro-mill and its cutting performance, ultrasonic vibration cutting and equipment in orthopedic surgery, and intelligent sensor and remote monitoring system.


Cortical bone is a quasi-brittle biological composite material, and the fracture mechanism and chip formation in cutting of the cortical bone tissue are complex. The quality and efficiency of bone tissue cutting have great influence on orthopedic surgery. Cracks are easily generated and propagated in cutting of cortical bone. Ultrasonic vibration cutting has been widely used in bone surgery due to its low damage and high efficiency. In this paper, the characteristics of surface morphology in longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic vibration micro-milling (LTUAM) are investigated. The bone tissue ultrasonic vibration micro-milling experiments are carried out. The bone cutting directions of transverse, parallel and across were also analyzed. The surface morphology generation and cutting mechanism of cortical bone tissue in LTUAM is discussed. The results indicated the bone tissue longitudinal-torsional ultrasonic vibration-assisted cutting can suppress the cracks generation and propagation, and improve the surface quality. The cutting direction are also affected surface morphology. The crack propagated easily in parallel under feed direction milling. This research provides efficient minimally invasive cutting methods and technical support for minimally invasive interventional surgical medical equipment.