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He Fei


Nano-therapeutic materials: toward the tumor microenvironment and immune system


He Fei


Harbin Engineering University


Prof.He Fei obtained his PhD degree in MaterialsSciencefromHarbin Engineering University in 2014. He has been a Lecturer (2014) and Professor (2022) in Harbin Engineering University (China). Now, he works as vice-dean in College of Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering. His scientific interests focus on the development of functional materials and their application in the bio-theranostics and energy technologies. Up to now, he has coauthored over 200 peer-reviewed publications, with total citations over 10000 and h-index: 60. 


The immunosuppression and immune escape of current immunotherapy result in low efficacy. However, tumor cells often induce the body to produce the effects of immunosuppression and immune escape under the tumor microenvironment, which reduces the efficacy of immunotherapy. Functional nanomaterials have received widespread attention because of their enhanced permeability and retention effect, and most of the nanomaterials reported thus far that can be used for ferroptosis tumor therapy are iron-based nanomaterials. However, the nanoparticles often need to work in conjunction with other components or other therapeutics to achieve better therapeutic results in the tumor microenvironment.

This report will present our recent progresses in the design of the functional nano-materials and the application in the tumor therapeutic field under the tumor microenvironment and immune system.