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Xiaojiong Ding


Online viscosity measurement technology in Biochemical industry


Xiaojiong Ding


SunWilen Engineering Technical Service Co., Ltd

Biography:Ding Xiaojing, male, graduated from the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Polytechnic University, is a senior engineer. He has worked in the East China Sea Monitoring Center, Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments Company and the Chief Representative of Brookfield China Office. He has rich experience in laboratory and online instrument application, especially in rheology and viscosity. Spectrum testing and analysis. Working as CTO in SunWilen Engineering Technology Service Co., Ltd. Now. Engaged in the research and development and promotion of online viscosity measurement and control technology. Solves the selection of instrument measurement principle, the calculation of compensation for viscosity and temperature, the model establishment and parameter calculation of conversion between various viscosity measurement methods, and provides online viscosity measurement. Technology has made an important contribution to the promotion of various industries.

Online viscosity measurements are used in Biochemical industry. Online viscosity measurement method is different. There is capillary, rotary, vibration, bib type, etc., and the measurement of the object also each are not identical, fluid rheological properties also each are not identical, applications are also different. There are different brand in same measure principal. This article from the rheological and instrument view, using the common rheological model for numerical analysis, study the online viscometer’s accuracy for selection of Vibration online viscometer. Submit example of biochemical reaction.