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Yong He


Cells assembly with 3D bioprinting


Yong He


Zhejiang University


Prof Yong He obtained his BSc in engineering mechanics, at the China University of Mining and Technology in July 2001. In March 2008 he obtained his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering at the Zhejiang University. He is currently a full professor at Zhejiang University, School of Mechanical Engineering. In 2016, he was honored the excellent young scholar of China by NSFC for his work in 3D bioprinting.  Also he is the deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems. His research is focused on the 3D bioprinting, development of organs on chips and microfluidic analytical devices. Now he has published more than 100 papers and authorized above 40 patents, with H index of 39. Also he is the founder of the brand EFL(Engineering for Life).


3D bioprinting is an additive manufacturing method to assembly living cells in vitro, which could be widely used in tissue regeneration and drug screen. As the bioink is so soft, there are many challenges during printing with living cells. Here, the recent progress of our group about how to precisely printing the bioink, how to keep the bioactive performance after bioprinting are reported. Also with 3D bioprinting, tissue regeneration of spinal cord injury and tendon are used as the examples of applications.