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Mar 18-19, 2023
Sep 20, 2022
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Mar  17, 2023
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Mar 18, 2023
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High-resolution large-area PμSL 3D printing and its applications in Biomedicine & Biomimics




BMF Nano Materials Technology Co, Ltd.


Dr. Ying Peng, is senior technical engineer in BMF Nano Materials Technology Co, Ltd. She got her PhD at the University of Technology of Troyes in France. Her Major was Materials, Mechanics, Optics and Nanotechnology (M2ON). During her PhD studies, she was focused at nanofabrication of 3D structures containing QDs. Dr. Ying Peng got her master at Geoscience University of China at Beijing majoring in Materials Engineering. During her master, she devoted to the fabrication of TiCN-based cermet containing nano whisker or nano particles. She has more than six-year experience in micro/nanofabrication, including the process and related applications.


Manufacturing high-resolution micro-scale 3D structures with high efficiency and low cost, especially large-area 3D parts, has always been considered as a challenge, and also been a research hotspot in both academia researches and industry all over the world. Attributed to the rapid and integrated production of complex 3D structures with high resolution, Projection Micro Stereolithography (PμSL) is remarked as one of the most promising microfabrication technologies. Based on PμSL 3D printing technology, BMF has developed an additive manufacturing system with the highest optical accuracy up to 2μm, and has made a series of achievements in the field of biomedicine and biomimics. This presentation will introduce the application of PμSL 3D printing technology in these two fields, including microneedles for drug delivery, jellyfish-inspired vector hydrophone, soft robotic, functional surfaces with liquid-repelling properties, etc.