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Tao Jiang


A quantitative method to evaluate extrusion-based bioprinting quality with two dimensionless indices


Tao Jiang


College of Intelligence Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology


Tao Jiang is a Lecturer in the College of Intelligence Science and Technology, National University of Defense Technology, China. He received his bachelor’s (2012) and master’s degrees (2014) from National University of Defense Technology, and doctorate (2019) degree from McGill University (with Prof. Joseph M. Kinsella). Tao Jiang’s research interest covers synthesization and characterization of elasto-viscoplastic biomaterials, tissue-like biobots, bioprinting, and fabrication of in vitro models. His main work has been published in Applied Physics Reviews, Materials Horizons, Biofabrication, Bio-Design and Manufacturing, among other journals.


Extrusion is the most prevalent method of bioprinting. A quantitative standard to assess the quality of extrusion is always preferred. In this work, two dimensionless indices, namely Collapse Index (CI) and Roughness Index (RI) are proposed to quantitatively evaluate the quality of printing, followed by experimental characterization of both indices of typical soft materials. Rheological tests were performed to understand the physical mechanisms of both indices. Results indicate the Collapse Index is mainly affected by the post-extrusion yield stress while the Roughness Index is affected by the material’s intermolecular interactions and the formation of breakage under shear stress. A biomaterial with good printability has both numbers close to zero. This work can provide a potential standard for assessing the printability of newly developed materials.